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Breast Forms

We at Studio Europe do understand that body shape and requirement of every woman is different, that is why we do offer a wide range of breast forms or prostheses. Our breast forms offering include lightweight foam forms that can be used immediately after surgery to the more life-like silicone breast prostheses. We do also offer symmetry shapers, swimform, leisure form and all products reuired for your skin care needs when you use breast forms.

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Improve your comfort and self-esteem with breast forms. The breast prostheses are designed to give you a perfect look and feel. They will give you the utmost comfort when wearing a bra. They will eliminate the risk of shoulder and neck pain. They have protective properties which are quite beneficial. Select from a wide variety of high quality prostheses to find the ideal product for you. All items are available at stockist prices.

There are various types of breast forms to choose from. The non-silicone ones are recommended for the weeks after surgery and for women with an active lifestyle. They are made from lightweight materials such as fibrefill, rubber foam and cotton. These prostheses do not lose their shape and look perfectly natural while making you feel comfy and confident. The fabric which the forms are covered with is very important since it will touch the skin where the surgery scar is. This fabric has to be soft, delicate and breathable. It should have antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties.

The non-silicone breast forms are quite versatile and this is the reason why they are often recommended to women along with their silicone counterparts. The non-silicone models are more breathable and this makes them quite useful in very hot weather. They are great for sports as well. You will enjoy perfect freedom of movement and great comfort. These breast prostheses are recommended for beach and all kinds of water activities. You can readily enjoy swimming with them.

Silicone breast forms are among the most popular options for women after recovery from mastectomy. They have the weight and drape of breasts. They flatten when you lie down. All of these factors make them feel perfectly natural. They help for balancing the weight that your shoulders have to bear. This provides for great comfort while preventing aches and strains. The prostheses made from silicone are great for every day. However, when you are involved in different kinds of physical activities including sports lighter and more breathable forms may be the better option. The silicone prostheses should have appropriate lining as well.

The contact breast forms also known as attachable forms are designed to be attached to your body and can be used with all kinds of regular bras provided that the bra fits properly. The contact prostheses have adhesive strips which allow them to attach to the body perfectly and stay in place. They feel completely natural and move with the body. The adhesive is safe and does not cause irritation or an allergic reaction. In general, you may want to consult your doctor about this if you have any concerns.

You can select from breast forms in different shapes and sizes to achieve perfect symmetry. Some have clearly formed nipples and areolas while others are more basic. There are various colour options to pick from when shopping so you will certainly find a prosthesis which matches your skin tone.

Take advantage of breast forms from top brands such as Amoena available at cheap stockist prices when you shop online. Our shop has year-round discount and sale deals on all types of underwear and swimwear for women and men. Low-rate shipping to the whole of Australia including Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin is readily available.