1. Balcony Bras

Balcony Bra is also known as Balconette Bra. Balcony bra is the most versatile.

Balcony bra covers little more than half the breasts. Balcony bra provids uplift and helps in to create a better shape. Balcony bra is particularly suitable to wear under low-cut or round-necked clothes, so it is a must have bra style for any woman's lingerie collection.

2. Demi Cup Bras

Demi Cup Bra is also known as Half Cup Bra as it covers only half the breasts.

Demi cup bra offer less support, but is suitable to wear with low cut clothes without the bra being seen. Demi cup bras may be or may not be designed to provide lift as do push-up bras.

3. Full Cup Bras

Full Cup Bra is designed to offer good support for the whole of the breasts. Full Cup Bra is a typical, practical bra for everyday wear.

Full Cup Bra is essential lingerie requirement for everyday wear, we have extensive range of stylus full cup bras for you to choose from.

4. Push Up Bras

Push Up Bra is designed to lift and place the breasts closer to enhance the cleavage.

Most push up bras contain padding made of foam or rubber or gel-filled pads. Use of padding in push-up bras is centred under each breast to simply lift them.