Cake Maternity Bra Size Calculator

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Step One:

Wearing an existing bra, place a soft tape-measure around your chest. Ensure the tape is held reasonably firm & level all the way around, to acquire an accurate reading.

Tips: The tape-measure should be placed on the underbust elastic of the bra. It would be ideal to use a second person to place the tape around you to ensure it is straight all the way around.

Select your bust size: Select your bust size

Step Two:

Measure around the fullest part of your breasts, which is usually over the nipples.

Tip: Use the same level of firmness when holding the tape as you did in the above point.

Select your overbust size: Select your overbust size

Step Three (Optional):

Measure around the top part of your breasts, as per the illustration alongside.

Tip: The tape should come around and under both armpits.

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