Why Buy French Lingerie

Le creme de la crème. Discover the world of French Lingerie.

Renowned as the sexiest, most seductive and sophisticated lingerie a woman can wear, a secret rendezvous with that special someone wouldn't be complete without a little French lingerie. When a woman slips on her favourite piece of French lingerie, she knows she is getting something a little special – she naturally feels sensual, elegant and romantic.

The beauty of French lingerie is all in the little details – that subtle touch of lace, the indulgent and touchable silks, not to mention the divine colours complementing the skin tone. These are just a few of the ways that French lingerie seduces the wearer, provoking a feeling of confidence and grace.

A woman favours French lingerie not only for the design features and gorgeous embellishments, but also for the comfort and functionality of the garment. Simone Perele Lingerie is a classic example of stunningly designed yet wearable lingerie. Exquisitely French in its design and manufacture, all Simone Perele designs are sexy and sophisticated, and are made of the highest quality materials with careful thought to the comfort of the wearer. Try the 'Sydney' Bustier for a chic, streamline look, or the Argentina Nightdress for a beguiling style 'fit for a queen'.

With all of these delicious elements in mind, it’s time to let yourself be seduced by the sensuality and luxury of French lingerie.