Why Buy Italian Lingerie

Unleash your adventurous streak.

There’s no doubt about it – Italians are experts in the field of romance. Famous for their passionate love affairs (think Romeo and Juliet), the sumptuous landscapes just made for a secret getaway, the indulgent food and drink to spoil a special someone – it seems la dolce vita has never been sweeter.

With this in mind, it’s no wonder why Italians are famous for the garments that dress their romantic lifestyle - Lingerie. Italian lingerie personifies the pure spirit of Italian life – it’s adventurous, sexy, and larger than life. Italians and their lingerie have been celebrated for generations for the fine quality of design, manufacturing and materials. Soft, luxurious materials, pretty colours, handmade embroidery and the finest Italian lace are just a few of the key elements, making lingerie from this part of the world an essential for any lingerie lover's collection.

The purest example of the adventurous Italian design is the ‘Matilde’ by Nefer. Matilde brings to life all of the qualities making Italian lingerie that little something special – the alluring leopard print paired with fine lace makes an unforgettable combination. For that something extra special, Cristina Iaia’s ‘Carnivale’ is guaranteed showstopper. The daringly designed embroidered bustier and the equally alluring thong highlights the beauty of Italian lingerie – the ability to stir a feeling of sheer sexiness and confidence in the wearer that is like no other.

All in all, Italian lingerie is a marriage of the senses, bringing touch and vision together in a way that cannot be duplicated; perfect for a weekend getaway, a special occasion or just a little something to please yourself.