Beautiful, soft and sensuous describes this line of lingerie. Too lovely not to be seen. Baby dolls in sheer exquisite lace that deserve a place in her honeymoon trousseau. This lingerie is gorgeous, there is beautiful fabric in a tiger print and delicately trimmed in sheer black lace. Several different pieces in this animal motif are available including a camisole set and bikinis. Beautiful lingerie selections that are anything but ordinary, the line by Cristina Iaia could be featured in musical productions, their designs are definitely worthy to walk the red carpet. Many bras and thongs is dazzling colors you rarely see in undergarments. Colors like burgundy, gold and bright peacock, and the ornamentation is reminiscent of a peacock in full display.

Who could have imagined that 'unmentionables' would be too gorgeous not to mention. Wearing these great items you'll feel like you have this secret you can't possibly share. Some feminine sleep items that are as sheer as dragonfly wings, and thong and bustiers with beautifully detailed trim only seen before on wedding gowns. You can also choose some very seductive black items in sleepwear which have a sheer nightdress over the top of tiny G-strings.

Support never looked this great before, lift and shape with delicate embroidery details. These fabulous bras come with under wire, or soft molded comfort. Some are in stretch lace and unusual printed fabric. The European line puts fashion details in the lovely sets of bra and panties with gorgeous embroidered lace inserts. Luxury items in refined French and Italian silk satin.