Underwear generally isn't a complicated purchase for men, and it shouldn't be. After all most of the time it really is just one piece of fabric meant to provide a snug fit without any bunching. A good pair of underwear is generally made of cotton, although there are other materials that they can be made of, and have thin elastic bands that provide a means for the underwear itself to stay on the user. Your choice of underwear should depend on the kind of lifestyle that you enjoy and what you are comfortable in. All cotton fabrics allow breathability in the fabric, while other synthetic materials do not. Bikini-briefs and low rise underwear should be avoided if you are buying your underwear for comfort. The elastics should have a cotton covering that is at least a half inch wide. Also, the garment is likely to shrink over a short period of time so it is advisable to buy one size smaller than the chart indicates is best for you. To determine if a certain underwear is ideal for you it is best to be able to test the comfort of waring them after they have been washed a few times first. The way to do this is to go out and buy a package of the underwear in question and put it through several wash and wear cycles. If the pieces of underwear are still comfortable after this little bit of testing then it should be safe to go out and buy additional packages of the same underwear.