Lady Gaga has really pushed the envelope when it comes to bras. From her extremely pointy conical red and black volcanoes, her gun bras on Rolling Stone, her meat bikini in Vogue, her disco ball inspired pair in her Just Dance video to her fourth of July exploding knocker covers spitting out sparks, this avant-garde artist has pulled no punches when it comes to wardrobe. Her being an artist of a different mold has completely changed the way we look at fashion and what can and can not be done.

This just shows us just how much fun we can have with bras and the many styles that they can embrace. The key to pulling off a great looking but unique bra is to get your whole look to mesh with the odd pair. Or you can pull off a simple outfit that is made outrageous by an outrageous bra. Black track suit with a spinning rims inspired bras? Why not? If you are going to experiment with off the beaten track bras, make sure that you look like a fashion visionary and not a victim, stay away from anything that is seriously out of place or is comical, like those telephone bras or those that look like men's hands that are not only ugly, but tend to objectify you. Point is, because of Gaga's eccentricity, we now feel more capable of expressing our artistic side when it comes to bras and fashion. More than her outrageous acts, she dares social convention.