When we hear shapewear, we automatically think uncomfortable stiff or super tight underwear that women wear to please men and look sexy for them. But you know, a lot of times, it does more to the person wearing it than to the people seeing it. Shapewear is so far from the old traditional ways of body sculpting through clothes. They are the products of technology, using a lot of micro fibers and spandex to gently smooth out the contours of the body.

More than just looking good, women, more importantly, feel better when they know that they look good. This is not necessarily done to attract men as women get a lot of their confidence from their looks, an unfortunate result of centuries of men objectifying women. Not all women are comfortable with sagging flesh or a few extra pounds in the wrong areas and this can affect them adversely. One good use of shapewear is for women who just gave birth. Not only will they benefit from the support that they get, but they also help in avoiding post partum depression that is alarmingly getting more and more common these days. Women who gained weight in a vary fast manner, like binge eating or depression, can also benefit from looking and feeling sexy and can encourage them to go out and meet their social circles more often. When women try to be sexy, it is not always to get attention. A lot of them get a lot of good from looking good.