Men are not as picky when it comes to bras that our female amorous partners wear. Truth be told, we really can not tell the fancy and intricate lacing of an expensive bra from those generic ones that you can get off any department store shelf. But that is not saying that we do not know what we want. This is an inside look onto what makes our brains go overclocking when it comes to what goes on under your shirt.

There are different types of men who like different kinds of bras. If you are dating a more aggressive, macho kind of dude then keep it simple. A silk bra is the best way to get this testosterone filled hunk bonkers even just by opening your shirt. For the more prim and proper, boy next door type, there is nothing sexier than a girl next door who has racy lingerie underneath. Most of those behaved boys have a real volcanic other side that appreciates a good surprise. For the athletic, adventurous man, a girl who knows that support is everything when it come to bars will give him the idea that his partner wants to join him in his treks, workouts and cares for her body. So a supple yet efficient underwire bras can really get this message across. Of course you can mix and match them, but generally, stick to lace and silk and we are good. Men are simple creatures, and we are so easy to please.