If you happen to pass by intimate apparel shops, local or online, you must have seen displays of sexy lingerie, intricately designed and invitingly beautiful. Women's underwear has come a long way from the first undergarment, the loincloth which was worn by ancient people to the more expensive, more stylish and more revealing pieces of undergarment. The loincloth has evolved into a chemise used in the 16th century. Chemise is a long, shirt-like garment usually made of linen and loosely fitted and was worn underneath clothing. Towards the end of the 16th century, women started wearing petticoats which were skirt like garments starched to be very stiff and were worn with the intention of showing off a full skirt and small waist.In the beginning of the 19th century, knickers or the loose-fitting pants came into picture. Knickers are essentially a pair of pants, and in this the name of our modern day "panties" was coined. But with the invention of the thong, women's underwear shifted back to the roots of a loincloth. A thong is basically a pair of underwear without cloth to cover the back side. The first thong bikini came about in 1974 but it has become a popular underwear in today's fashion because it prevents panty line from showing. History shows how women's underwear has greatly evolved. The trend of more revealing lingerie with luxurious designs is expected to continue for as long as women wear them. With the advancement of technology and the empowerment of women, there is no doubt that the demand for better designs and functionality continue.