I have watched enough Victoria Secret Fashion shows to know that with a good piece of lingerie, everyone can pretty much walk that famous runway. Personally, I do not think one has to necessarily have a slim body to look sexy in a thong or a g string since it is all about the attitude. Being confident in your own skin will radiate from within and could not be faked. Girls brimming with confidence do not have their noses scratching the ceilings like the snooty ones but they have this smile that is unflinching, genuine and with a hint of a knowing smirk. A smile with a wink, as they say. The lingerie also gives the female specie that sense of power behind closed doors. If you are a boy and you are experiencing a sexual rut with your girl, a sexy lingerie purchase as a gift might do the trick. Yes, something as seemingly simple as lingerie can spell the difference between a dry spell and a heated session all night. Look how the Victoria Secret angels look smashing on the runway. Yes they are naturally good looking but it is more the way they wear the lingerie that captures you. Remember that at the end of the day, the lingerie is mostly there to accentuate what is already inherently great in your body. It is up to you if it will ear you or the other way around. We all have bodily insecurities but again, it is all about the attitude. And the right attitude will take you a long way.