Lingerie Buying Guide for Men

Fashion lingerie is a very special, personal gift. But don't be shy - Lingerie is the perfect way of letting her know that you understand who she is, that you pay attention to her sense of style, and most importantly, lingerie lets her know how you feel about her. So read on, because we're about to unlock the secrets of lingerie success.

Just the thing for her

Make sure you are buying for her - not for yourself. The first big question is: What style of lingerie would best reflect her? Is she a little body conscious? Perhaps a lovely Bustier is more her style. Does she love to show off her bust? Then Check out the Roma bustier. What fabric does she love? Silk, satin, cotton?

Knowing what she likes in lingerie is important, but if you're really unsure, then soft silks, lace, embroideries and quality design lingerie are the surefire ways to your loved ones heart.

Colour her world

Our next stop is colour. Look in her closet - what colours of lingerie does she normally favour? Do greens set off her eyes? Is she a fan of pastels? Or are trusty black and whites her choice du jour in lingerie? And look closely at her bedroom decor, because a sheer black lingerie can be a sexy contrast against red satin sheets. Paying attention to these important details can make the difference between a lingerie hit or miss.

The correct size

If you're planning to surprise her with your great taste in lingerie but your not too sure of her lingerie size, then have a sneak peek in her underwear drawer and check out the tag of one of her favourite bras and panty. If it's not something you recognize, use our lingerie sizing conversion chart or send us an email because we can certainly help you with your conversions.

Lastly, no gift is ever complete without the box. So to make your life a little easier, we'll even wrap your lingerie gifts up perfectly!

Now you know what to consider, take your time browsing our gorgeous lingerie collection, and if you have any questions, feel free to drop us an email to