Men's Underwear & Sleepwear


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Men's Underwear

All guys are looking for comfort and support. Now you can select from fabulous men's underwear items that give you these benefits and more. Everyone wants their best assets to be highlighted and to have the perfect shape and appearance. The trendy briefs and boxers can give you this. You can also select from top quality shapewear and swimwear that will make you look even fitter. Comfy sleepwear is what every guy needs after a long day or night.

Men's Underwear Designs and Styles

The trendiest boxer briefs, boxer shorts and trunks are made from soft and elastic fabrics. They provide excellent breathability while giving you the support you want. The fabrics do not retain moisture and this makes men's underwear much more versatile. You can have comfy briefs, trunks and shorts which you can wear under formal trousers or sports shorts.

The jockstraps are back in fashion. They offer perfect shaping and support without covering your legs. If you dare, you can wear a g-string too. After all, being sexy is not reserved for girls only.

The classic black and white combinations have become iconic thanks to brands like Calvin Klein Underwear. Now designers are putting a major focus on colours and colour combinations. The combinations of blue, black, red and white stripes are particularly trendy at present. You will find great models from Jockey, Bonds and Tribe as well as from Calvin Klein.

Men's Undershirts

The tank tops remain the preferred option for guys when it comes to men's undershirts. You can select from superb models made to be worn under any garment and from ones designed for the gym. No matter whether you would want something free and breathable or something which follows the contours of your body perfectly, you can pick from a wide collection of tank tops from Andrew Christian, Jockey, Rockwear, Bonds and Calvin Klein. The same brands offer great t-shirts and v-necks for every season as well.

Men's Shapewear

The revolutionary undergarments that shape your body perfectly are now a huge hit among men of all ages. If women can use tricks to highlight their assets and cover some imperfections why men can't? The selection of top quality men's shapewear is huge. Popular brands include Spanx, Proskins and Andrew Christian.

The compression undershirts are among the top shapewear picks. These undergarments work to make your waist smaller and flatten your tummy while putting the main focus on the arms and shoulders which are perfectly shaped too. The specially designed men's waist cinchers and tummy shapers are indivisible no matter whether you wear a formal shirt or a casual t-shirt.

Profile enhancement boxer briefs and g-strings give you the opportunity to highlight your best assets. There are also briefs, shorts and leggings designed to lift your butt and shape it perfectly for the sexiest look.

Men's Sleepwear

What do you prefer to wear when you go to sleep? Some guys are fans of the super comfy boxer briefs and shorts that feel super soft against the skin. The cotton and jersey short are loose and comfortable to wear in the winter and in the summer too thanks to their great breathability.

PJ pants, lounge pants and trackies are ideal for the cold nights. Most guys prefer to wear a t-shirt or a tank top when going to bed, but you can readily add a hoodie to put on right after you get out of your warm bed. Pick your preferred men's sleepwear items from brands like Bonds, Jockey and Calvin Klein.

Men's Swimwear

You want to look perfect when you go to the beach or to the local pool to get a nice swim. The swim briefs and trunks are among the top picks for the casual swimmer. The board shorts are a lot more casual while the swim jammers are for those who are up for a serious workout. All men's swimwear items from top brands like Rival and Bonds are made from top quality materials. The choice of colours includes the classic black and blue plus red, green, the super trendy grey and even white.

Be manly, fit and sexy with the trendiest men's underwear items. Pick from a huge range of sizes. From extra small to extra large, there is something for every guy who wants to look and feel their best.