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Compression Hosiery

Your legs can look and feel great with compression hosiery. The compression socks, stockings, tights and leggings are designed to help for the treatment of different kinds of venous disorders and to give you perfectly looking legs and utmost comfort. You can select from a wide range of models in different styles and colours to compliment the everyday, casual and formal outfits that you have.

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Women's Compression Hosiery Shopping Information

Compression hosiery is made from high quality elastic fabrics. Usually, a fabric blend with a high concentration of elastane is used. The hosiery items are designed so that they can exercise pressure on the legs and consequently on the veins and arteries in them. The compression works to stimulate the blood flow to the heart and to decrease the blood pressure in the veins. The compression socks, stockings, pantyhose and tights can help with conditions such as oedema, phlebitis and thrombosis. They help to keep the venous walls strong and elastic. They give you comfort and preserve the perfect look of your legs.

The compression stockings are perhaps the most widely used compression hosiery items by women. They extend from the toes to the middle of the thigh. The compression is strongest at the ankles and its strength is gradually reduced at the calves and thighs. Most stockings are of the stay up type. They have an elastic band at the top which allows them to stick to the thigh and not slip down. The suspender compression stockings are held up with a suspender belt.

The compression socks fall into the knee high range. They cover the feet and the legs to the knee. These compression hosiery items are comfortable and versatile. They are quite flexible and give you perfect freedom of movement while exercising pressure on the ankles and calves. These are generally the parts of the leg most severely affected by venous disorders. The socks will certainly help you get the desired relief and improvement in your condition.

The compression pantyhose for women have a classic design and go from the toes to the waist. You can select from standard, high waist and low waist models depending on your needs and requirements when shopping. With pantyhose, compression is applied to all parts of the legs including the tights. They keep your hips and rear warm and have a slight shaping effect. These compression hosiery items are light and sheer and these qualities make them ideal for complimenting more formal garments such as office suits and cocktail dresses.

The traditional compression tights do not differ from their pantyhose counterparts in terms of design. There are the traditional footed models and footless tights which cover the legs only from the ankles upwards. Irrespective of your choice of design, you can expect these compression hosiery items to do a good job. The main difference between them and the pantyhose is the thickness and opacity of the yarn. The tights are thicker and more opaque than their counterparts. They usually have Denier above 40.

Buy top quality compression hosiery at cheap stockist prices when you shop online. Save on designer legwear for women and men with discount and sale deals. Take advantage of ultra low shipping rates to all cities in Australia including Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin.