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Compression Pantyhose

Graduated Compression Support Pantyhose are designed to provide you relief from leg pain, help treat varicose veins, edema, thrombosis, and poor circulation. You can make a choice between different designs, styles and colours at discounted price.

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Compression Pantyhose Shopping Information

You can wear elegant skirts and dresses and feel super comfy with compression pantyhose. These are designed to provide relief from all types of venous disorders and to help prevent their progression. They are sleek, warm and flexible. You can make a choice between different designs, styles and colours.

The compression pantyhose go all the way from the toes to the waist. There are high waisted maternity models and high waisted control and slimming models available as well. The pantyhose can have different design features. The toeless models are especially designed to be worn with open toe shoes. You will achieve the perfect look without compromising on comfort.

There are compression pantyhose with control brief as well. While the legs get the compression they require for better blood circulation the hips and rear get gentle shaping. The tummy becomes flatter while the waistline becomes smaller. You get to look slimmer and to feel more comfortable.

The level of compression that will be exercised on your feet will determine how effective and comfy the compression pantyhose are. Make a choice carefully. The options are many and different and it is essential that you consider all relevant factors such as the nature of your condition, its progression and the elasticity and flexibility that you require. Use advice from your doctor and from an expert in compression hosiery.

The fabric the compression pantyhose are made from defines their appeal. The same applies to the fabric's thickness and weight. The sheer and light hosiery items made from a blend of nylon and elastane are delicate and classy. These properties make them excellent to wear with elegant skirts and dresses. The sheer pantyhose are quite versatile. They will compliment a trendy office skirt and a super sexy cocktail dress equally well.

The opaque compression pantyhose are made from the same fabric blend but they are thicker and give you extra warmth and comfort. They will do a superb job in masking varicose and spider veins. They will add a trendy textured look into any outfit. You will feel great in these pantyhose especially on cold winter days.

The compression pantyhose do not look different compared to their traditional counterparts. The mesh models are equally elegant and versatile. You can wear them with virtually any kind of outfit. You can buy patterned compression hosiery as well. The diamond, floral, vertical stripe and Swiss dot patterns are some of the trendiest at present. The seamed pantyhose with compression properties have a stylish vintage appeal and look particularly attractive.

The colour options available to you when shopping for compression pantyhose are numerous. The main ones include the universal nude, the mysterious and sensual black and the elegant and modern grey. Brown, gold and beige are other superb options. You can choose a vibrant and more playful colour like red, purple or pink. Add some extravagance to your outfit with green or orange.

Now you can buy high quality compression pantyhose from top designer brands at cheap stockist prices. Numerous discount and sale deals on legwear for women and men are waiting to be discovered. Save when shopping online and have your purchase shipped to any location in Australia including major cities like Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin.