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Compression Socks

Our Graduated Compression Socks are designed to provide you relief from leg pain, help treat varicose veins, edema, thrombosis, and poor circulation. You can choose Support Socks between different designs, styles and colours available here at discounted price.

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Compression Socks Shopping Information

You can eliminate various problems with compression socks. They work to relief the pain and discomfort associated with venous disorders and to prevent the progression of these conditions. They give you comfort and warmth while ensuring perfect flexibility. They make your legs look even more graceful and elegant. Choose the best socks for you from a wide selection of models with different designs and styles.

The compression socks extend from the toes to the knee to cover the foot, ankle and calf. They are often referred to as knee highs as well. The highest level of pressure is exercised on the ankles. From this point upwards, the pressure is reduced gradually to allow for more comfort while continuing to stimulate the blood flow and to prevent the bulging of the veins.

You can select from compression socks with different designs. The classic design has the feet and legs covered from the toes to the knees. You can also go for toeless knee highs. These extend from the base of the toes to the knee. A piece of fabric goes between the big toe and the long toe to keep them in place. These socks for women are the ideal hosiery items to wear with open toe shoes. You will look and feel fabulous. There are also footless knee highs. These are often referred to as calf sleeves. They extend from the ankle to the knee and provide the required compression.

The level of compression that will be exercised on your legs is a determining factor for the choice of compression socks. The hosiery products from designer brands have the range of pressure levels that will be exercised on different parts of the legs mentioned on the package and in the product description. Usually, the lowest and highest values are provided in mmHg or another measure accepted worldwide.

Decide on the compression which you require depending on the venous disorder that you have. You may want to try socks with different compression levels to choose the pair which gives you maximum comfort and support and helps you with your treatment. Consult your doctor to find out what they will recommend depending on your condition and its progression.

Thickness and opacity are other important factors to consider when you shop for compression socks. The lighter and sheerer hosiery items with lower Denier are the perfect option for formal shoes and for formal outfits with pants. The thicker and more opaque socks are ideal for the cold days when you want to feel super warm and comfy without revealing any part of your feet and legs.

You can choose from compression socks in different styles. Some are made from a blend of nylon and elastane and have the appeal of classic hosiery. They are elegant and comfy and come in a variety of colours from black and nude to white and grey. There are also models made from a fabric blend of cotton and elastane or cotton, nylon and elastane. These are thicker and warmer and recommended for sports. White is the main colour option.

Choose from a wide selection of designer compression socks available at cheap stockist prices online. Buy high quality legwear for women and men and save with discount and sale deals when you shop on the internet. Take advantage of low rate shipping to Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin and many other cities in Australia.