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We carry and offer premium range of compression Stockings at discounted price. Our Graduated Support Stockings collection is designed help you for the treatment of different kinds of venous disorders and to give you perfectly looking legs and utmost comfort.

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Women's Compression Stockings Shopping Information

Comfort, support and elegant look are just some of the things that high quality compression stockings from designer brands can give you. You can forget about the pain and discomfort and about the bulging veins. Wear skirts and dresses with confidence. Compression hosiery is classy and hip. You can select from models with different styles, patterns and colours.

Make use of some practical information on compression stockings before you start shopping for the ideal product for you. These hosiery items are made from nylon and elastane, also called spandex and Lycra. The compression comes from the elastane fibres which are super elastic and very strong at the same time. The percentage of elastane in the fabric blend determines the level of compression the stockings exercise on the legs.

The compression stockings have classic designs. They extend from the toes to the middle of the thigh. That is why they are often referred to as thigh highs. The stay ups are the most common compression thigh highs. They have an elastic band at the top allowing them to stay on the leg without any additional suspension or support. Classic suspender stockings with compression properties are available as well. These are ideal for special occasions. You can choose toeless thigh highs to war with open toe shoes.

You can select from stockings providing different levels of compression. It is expressed in the measure for pressure. It is a good idea to consult your doctor on the best levels of compression for you depending on the type of venous disorder that you have and on its progression. You should take into account your comfort as well. The compression stockings should exercise pressure on the ankles, calves and thighs, but they should not squeeze the skin and muscles. They should be flexible and allow for perfect freedom of movement.

Size is particularly important when you shop for compression stockings. Always refer to the size chart provided by the manufacturer. Since the compression hosiery items exert different levels of pressure to the ankles, calves and tights, it is best to check the circumference of the hosiery at these parts of the leg. In this way, you will ensure that they fit perfectly and that they will do an excellent job while giving you the comfort which you require.

You can make a choice between sheer and opaque compression stockings. The sheer models are lighter and sleeker. They are the perfect match for elegant outfits with formal appeal. The opaque models are thicker and you cannot see through them. They will give you warmth and comfort on colder days. They will make your legs look more graceful and elegant while covering up some minor imperfections.

The compression stockings are as stylish and beautiful as their counterparts without special properties. You can choose models with lace tops and other decorative elements such as bows. There are gorgeous patterned models as well. You can select from a wide array of colours including the classic black, nude and white and the super chic gold, grey and brown.

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