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Full Figure Hosiery

Flatter your legs and your gorgeous curves with our full figure hosiery which is designed especially for women with voluptuous figures. Choose from a wide range of plus size pantyhose, leggings and stockings. These look elegant and feminine while giving you the utmost comfort and flexibility. Make a fashion statement by selecting a pattern and colour that can make your outfit totally stunning.

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Plus Size Hosiery Shopping Information

The full figure hosiery is special in more ways than one. It is typically made from a fabric blend of nylon and elastane with the percentage of elastane being significant. In this way, the legwear items become more elastic and more flexible and stronger at the same time. They cover your legs perfectly and feel like second skin while giving you perfect comfort and freedom of movement. These wonderful effects are achieved thanks to the special design as well. The hosiery is especially designed with the voluptuous female shape in mind.

The full figure pantyhose are among the main options available to you when you shop for full figure hosiery. The pantyhose are usually light and sheer with Denier around or below 20. There are models with brief section that has more elastane fibres than the leg section to give you perfect fit, superb comfort and slight shaping. You will love the fact that you will get perfectly flat tummy and a well shaped rear without any effort.

The full figure tights do not differ from the pantyhose in terms of design. The main difference comes from the thickness and weight of the yarn expressed with the Denier measure. The tights are thicker and more opaque. They are warmer as well. Thanks to their higher level of opacity, they can help you mask some minor imperfections. You can select from footed and footles plus size tights. The footed models have a more formal appeal while the footless ones are super stylish and excellent for nights out.

With full figure stockings, you will look fabulously elegant and enjoy great comfort and flexibility. You can select from stay up mid thighs and suspender mid thighs. These stockings are hip and feminine and have a unique seductive appeal. The knee highs can compliment all types of pants. They are comfy and practical.

The choice of styles of full figure hosiery is so great that you will inevitably find exactly what you are shopping for. The mesh pantyhose, tights and stockings are universal. They can be worn with all types of garments on all sorts of occasions.

The patterned full figure hosiery is exquisite and classy. It is an excellent choice for more formal and elegant outfits. Trendy pattern options include vertical stripes, diamonds, Swiss dots, and dolly dots, and floral and animal patterns. The seamed stockings have a unique vintage appeal. They are sophisticated and attractive. The fishnets are ideal for casual outfits. They are playful and extravagant.

You can find full figure hosiery in any colour with black, nude, grey, brown, gold and white being among the most versatile and hip options. The patterned models can come in various colour combinations. There are even items in colour animal print.

Buy full figure pantyhose from top designer brands at cheap stockist prices when shopping online. Select from a variety of legwear products for women and men and save with discount and sale offers. Save on shipping to every city in Australia including Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin.