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Leg Warmers

Achieve a sexy look inspired by the 80's and feel super warm and comfy with elegant leg warmers. These chic legwear items have never gone out of fashion. They can compliment all kinds of outfits from mini skirts to sleek leggings. They are feminine and playful - exactly what you need to get all looks on you. Now you can select from various models with different designs, styles and colours.

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Shop Leg Warmers Online - Shopping Information

The main purpose of leg warmers is to keep the lower part of your leg warm. They were originally worn by dancers to give them comfort and to prevent injuries. They became fashion items in the 1980's with the huge popularity of movies such as Flashdance and Fame and with the worldwide craze about aerobics. These legwear items go excellently with sleek pants such as jeans as well as with leggings and tights. They can make any mini skirt or short dress look even more chic and sexier.

The choice of designs is quite large when you shop for leg warmers. The classic models extend from the ankle to the knee. Many modern knee high models are designed to cover the heel and the top part of the foot to the middle when you wear high heels. This is a very effective trick for making your legs appear longer and thinner. The stirrup knee highs provide for extra warmth and for an even more comfortable fit. They look and feel great.

You can buy thigh high leg warmers as well. These vary in terms of how much of the thigh they cover. The classic mid thigh models go to the middle of the thigh and have the appeal of stockings. There are also models which go to just above the knee. You can also go for legwear which covers the thighs nearly all the way to the hips.

Choose leg warmers in your preferred style so that they can compliment your favourite outfits perfectly. The gathered models in casual style have the appeal of the 80's. They are great for dance classes and practices and for more casual skirts, leggings and dresses. The perfectly straight models flatter your legs by following their every curve. The legs appear longer and more delicate.

The leg warmers in a solid colour are sleek and elegant. Black is mysterious and alluring at the same time and this makes it an excellent choice. White is certainly considered naughty when it comes to this type of legwear. You can experiment with all other colours from red, blue and purple to pink, orange and green.

You can choose from models with hip patterns as well. The diamond patter is totally classy. The horizontal stripes are girly, playful and chic. The floral and corset patterns are romantic and dreamy and give you the elegance of a ballet dancer. You can show your wild side with animal patterns. The trendiest decorative accents include frills, bows and studs. The frills are always at the top while the bows can be at top or at the ankle. The studs usually go up the leg.

Buy high quality leg warmers from top brands and save with discount and sale offers. Take advantage of the super cheap stockist prices on designer legwear for women and men when you shop online. Have your purchase shipped at a low rate to any city in Australia including Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin.