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Maternity Hosiery

If you looking for hosiery which is suitable during pregnancy, then you are on the right page. Choose from our fashionable collection of pregnancy hosiery.

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Shop Maternity Hosiery Online - Shopping Information

Pregnant women and new mums require comfortable underwear and legwear that can accommodate the changes in their body. With specially designed maternity hosiery, you will feel comfy and have perfect freedom of movement. Most items are designed to provide support to the tummy area so that your back can get some relief.

Maternity pantyhose are necessary for every woman who intends to wear more formal fashion skirts, dresses and suits during her pregnancy. These maternity hosiery items are light and sheet. They feel like second skin, literally. They have a specially designed high waisted brief part which is expandable. It will cover your whole tummy comfortably. It will provide light support which will give you extra comfort. You will be able to use the pantyhose throughout your entire pregnancy no matter how big your tummy grows.

Maternity tights are thicker and more opaque compare to their maternity pantyhose counterparts. This allows them to provide extra support to your growing belly. The more support you get the greater the relief for your back will be. The high waisted brief part will expand with your tummy as it becomes bigger so you will never feel any pressure or discomfort. The maternity tights can be worn with both casual and more formal outfits.

In the maternity hosiery section of the online shop, you will also find maternity thigh shapers. These are virtually light leggings which start from the middle of the thigh and have a high waist. That way, they can provide shaping to the lower part of your body and support your growing tummy during pregnancy.

The thigh shapers from one of the leading shaping underwear brands, Spanx, work to smoother the thighs, hips and rear and to give you a slimmer look. They provide gentle lifting of the rear so that you can look super elegant. The shapers just like their traditional hosiery counterparts do not have leg bands so they are virtually invisible under the clothes. The shapers have a tummy panel which is designed to provide the highest possible level of support and to relieve the pressure from your back. There is a gentle lower back support as well.

All designer maternity hosiery items available for sale are made from top quality fabrics. The designers use a combination of nylon, elastane (spandex) and cotton in different proportions. The nylon makes the pantyhose and tights light, breathable and moisture wicking. Elastane provides for the expansion of the hosiery items as your belly grows. It is also responsible for shaping and for providing support. The role of cotton is to make the legwear items softer and more comfortable.

You can buy maternity hosiery with different Denier and in different colours depending on your preferences and requirements. The main colour options available are nude and black. Both of them are universal.

Maternity hosiery is now available online at cheap stockist prices. Buy top quality designer items from brands like Ambra, Kayser and Spanx at a huge discount. Online shopping gives you great discount and sale deals and low shipping rates. Your purchase can be shipped to anywhere in Australia including Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin and to various countries worldwide.