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Patterned Pantyhose


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Shop Patterned Pantyhose Online - Shopping Information

One of the best ways to add glamour to your outfit is to wear patterned pantyhose. There are models to match any dress, skirt or pants. You can select from a huge variety of patterns in different styles. The colour options are numerous. Consider your individual style and the current fashion trends to make the best choice for you.

The diamond pattern is a true classic. The diamond patterned pantyhose should not be confused with their fishnet counterparts. In the fishnet models, the diamonds are open. There is no fabric between them. In the case of the diamond patterned models, the diamonds are knitted into the mesh knit.

The diamond patterns vary in thickness, size and colour. Usually, the diamonds are one or two tones darker than the fabric so that they can be clearly visible. It is possible for them to be in a colour which is different from that of the fabric. The brown and nude combinations are particularly trendy. The same applies to the black patterned pantyhose with green, red and white diamond patterns.

The hosiery items with back seam patterns are among the most elegant and sophisticated. They make the legs appear longer and have a very sensual appeal. Often, the black seam pattern is just a line. However, it can also have diamonds, other geometric elements, dots or flowers. The choices are endless especially when you shop online.

The patterned pantyhose with Swiss dots are among the trendiest at present. The tiny dots are in the same colour as the hosiery fabric, but they are bit darker. The Swiss dot pattern is exquisite and totally feminie. It will match perfectly any elegant mini skirt, cocktail dress or party dress in solid colour. The polka dot models have bigger dots which are further apart from one another. These models are more casual and will match outfits in the same style.

The floral patterned pantyhose are absolutely beautiful. The range of options for buyers is huge. There are two main categories of floral patterns. Some patterns are incorporated into the main knit and remain perfectly flat and smooth. There are also embroidered patterns which are textured. The floral patterns can run across the whole pantyhose or form a spiral around the leg. In some cases, the pattern is on the side while in others it is only on the ankle and calf. The hosiery items with floral patterns are an ideal gift choice. Men should consider them for their partners.

The vertical stripe patterned pantyhose are certainly a great match to more extravagant outfits. They have a hip vintage appeal and this makes them particularly popular. These hosiery items are ideal for women with long legs. They go best with very short skirts and dresses. The zigzag stripe patterns are also quite chic at the moment. They give a playful appeal to outfits in solid colours.

Patterned pantyhose from designer brands now come at fabulously cheap stockist prices. Buy the ideal hosiery item for women at a huge discount. Save with year-round sale deals when shopping online. Your purchase will be shipped at a super low rate to any place in Australia including Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin.