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Anklets or Ankle socks


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8 Style(s) Sort by

Shop Ankle Socks Online - Shopping Information

Women can select from a variety of hosiery products that are practical and comfortable. The ankle socks are the ideal legwear option when you wear long pants. They make wearing even very high heels super comfortable. They cover only the ankles so that you can enjoy perfect comfort and freedom of movement. Make a choice in line with your requirements and save when making a purchase online.

The ankle socks vary in terms of how high they go to cover the legs. Most cover the ankle area only. However, there are also models which extend to the middle of the calf. There are socks which cover the entire calf all the way up to the knee.

You can choose from ankle socks with different thickness and weight. Both of these qualities are revealed by the Denier number of the respective hosiery products. The socks with lower Denier are lighter, thinner and sheerer. These qualities make them an ideal choice for formal pants which are more elegant and sophisticated. The anklets with higher Denier number are thicker, slightly heavier and more opaque. They are ideal for the cold days when you need to keep your feet and legs warm. Most models will be perfectly invisible under the pants despite their thickness.

The designer brands have introduced some innovation to ankle socks in order to make them even more functional and comfortable to wear. The topless models from Spanx, for instance, have no elastic band. The designers of the brand have used a special knitting technique to make the anklets attach to the leg naturally. That way, they will neither slip nor leave marks on your legs.

Many anklets now come with reinforced toe. This makes the toe, which is the part of hosiery exposed to most wear and tear, stronger and more durable. Some brands use special moisture wicking fabrics for the toe part so that your feet can remain dry and warm during the whole day.

Some of the ankle socks which cover the entire calf have been designed with a practical purpose in mind. There are models which stimulate the blood flow to the legs. That way, you will never get cold feet and the risk of bulging veins is reduced. There are models with more elastane fibres whose purpose is to shape your calves. The calves are made leaner naturally without you feeling any discomfort.

The colour of the ankle socks determines their use to a great extent. The anklets in nude are perhaps the best option for shoes with no upper part. Your feet and ankles will look natural irrespective of the pants that you wear. Depending on the outfit and shoes that you wear, black, grey, gold, caramel and brown can also be good options. Usually, these hosiery items do not have any patterns or decorative elements, but you can find adorned models that will help you make an impression.

Feel comfortable and make a fashion statement with high quality ankle socks from top designer brands. Now you can buy designer hosiery items for women and men at cheap stockist prices when shopping online. Save with various discount and sale bargains when you shop on the internet. Purchases are delivered to all cities in Australia including Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin.