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Footlet Hosiery


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10 Style(s) Sort by

Shop Footlets Online - Shopping Information

There are small tricks which can make even the hardest shoes more comfortable to wear. One of them is to put footlets on. These hosiery items for women, also known as sockettes and foot covers, remain perfectly invisible when you are wearing shoes and give you maximum comfort. They prevent skin rubbing and slipping at the same time. They are truly invaluable for the modern woman.

The footlets are socks which cover the sole, the toes and the sides of the feet. They leave the top part of the feet open. They do not slip or fall off because they have a special band which holds them in place. All of these factors make them ideal for all kinds of footwear.

The foot covers are ideal for office shoes especially in the summer months when it is too hot to wear stockings or pantyhose. Your shoes will feel super comfortable while your legs will not be covered. Footlets are great for new shoes the leather of which is not particularly soft. They will prevent the rubbing of leather against the skin and will save you a considerable amount of pain and discomfort.

With sockettes, you will never have to worry about your feet slipping inside the shoes. Footwear lining can be slippery because of the material which it is made from or because the feet become sweaty. In either case, the footlets are the ideal solution to the problem. They will prevent your feet from slipping inside the shoes and you will feel comfortable and confident enough to walk and even to dance.

You can buy top quality footlets made from different fabrics. There are models made entirely from nylon and ones made from a combination of nylon and elastane. These are usually sheer and quite light. There are also cotton blend socks of this type. They are made especially for casual and sports shoes. The cotton works to keep your feet warm and to take moisture away from the skin. You will enjoy your activity to the fullest when wearing such socks.

Choose footlets from popular designer brands when shopping and you will be able to use them for a long time to come. These hosiery items are of excellent quality and have super durability. They will not become loose. The risk of tears, holes and runs is completely eliminated. You will enjoy easy washing and quick drying. These are important properties for modern women and men as well.

The purpose of these foot covers is to give you comfort while remaining invisible. However, this does not mean that the choice of colour is not important. Footlets in nude will blend in with the tone of your skin and remain invisible. The ones in black will blend in with black shoes even if parts of them remain visible when you put the footwear on. It is a good strategy to choose the colour of these socks so that it matches the colour of the shoes which you are wearing.

You can now buy top quality designer footlets at super cheap stockist prices when shopping for women's hosiery online. Select from numerous sale items and save a lot with a big discount. Your purchase will be delivered timely to your doorstep when you shop online. Enjoy low shipping rates to any place in Australia including Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin.