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Thigh High Socks


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Shop Thigh High Socks Online - Shopping Information

Every woman wants to look elegant from head to toe. This is perfectly possible with the right thigh high socks. These hosiery items come in a wide variety of styles, designs, colours and patterns. Define your needs and style and consider the latest fashion trends to make the best choice for you.

Many thigh high socks covert the leg from the toes to just above the knee. However, there are also models which run to the middle of the thigh. You can find items that cover the leg all the way up to the hips. You can select the length depending on your requirements.

High quality thigh highs will never loosen and slip. They have either an elastic band or a specially designed knit preventing them from slipping down and causing discomfort. You can be certain that the hosiery items will fit perfectly and will not change their shape even after you wash them many times.

The Denier of thigh high socks defines their uses to a great extent as well as their properties. This measure shows how thick and heavy the yarn is. Hosiery with higher Denier is thicker, more opaque and warmer. These thigh highs are great for the colder months. They will keep you perfectly warm and happy. The lower the Denier is the lighter and sheerer the legwear is. These socks are elegant and smooth. They feel like second skin to you. They are the perfect choice for formal outfits.

The knee high socks come in a wide range of colours and patterns. Black is a true classic and so is nude. Grey is particularly trendy at present. It is a good choice of colour for both sheer and opaque items. Gold, beige, caramel, brown and chocolate are fine colour choices for sheer socks. White has regained some of its formal popularity. White knee highs can match outfits in grey, black and white in a very elegant way. Purple and orange are great hip colours to experiment with.

The pattern options which you have include diamonds, Swiss dots, front and back seams, stripes and floral. Patterned knee highs go very well with outfits in solid colours as they give them a unique stylish appeal. The choice of pattern is totally up to the wearer. It should match the lines and overall appeal of the outfit. Diamond patterned socks, for instance, can be great for work while the ones with Swiss dots are more exquisite and will match a cocktail dress better.

Most knee high socks are made from nylon or from a combination of nylon and elastane. In any case, the fabric will have excellent breathability and moisture wicking properties. If you buy high quality hosiery items from top designer brands, you can be certain that they will have superb strength and durability as well. The risk of tears, holes and runs will be zero.

Online shopping gives you top quality thigh high socks from designer brands at cheap stockist prices. Buy hosiery items for women and men at a discount. Choose from numerous sale deals when you shop on the internet. Reliable shipping to all cities in Australia including Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin is readily available.