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Fishnet Stockings

The fishnet stockings are particularly sexy and attractive because of the open diamond knit. The legs are wrapped in a net which is thin and playful. The fine lines of the legs are highlighted in a gorgeous way. They are made to appear even longer. You get to feel super elegant and sexy in styles from our collection.

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Fishnet Stockings & Stay Ups Shopping Information

You can achieve a mesmerising effect with fishnet stockings. They are elegant and sensual and have a seductive appeal. The choice of designs, styles and colours is huge. You will certainly find a fishnet hosiery item to match a special outfit or a special occasion.

There are different types of fishnet stockings you can choose from when shopping for hosiery for women. The knee highs are ideal for long and three-quarter pants, for long skirts and for long dresses. They will make your ankles even thinner and more attractive. If you want to achieve a super seductive look for a special occasion, you can combine the fishnet knee highs with a short skirt or dress.

You can choose from a variety of elegant fishnet stay ups. These stockings cover the leg to the middle of the thigh and are considered super seductive. Their versatility is another superb benefit. You can wear them with all kinds of skirts and dresses. They may be the perfect option for your little black dress. The suspender fishnets have the same design as the stay ups. The only difference is that they do not attach to the leg with the help of a top band. They require a suspender belt to hold them. They are the perfect option for special occasions when you want to seduce someone special.

The fishnet stockings come in a variety of fashion styles. The size of the open diamonds and the Denier of the yarn determine the look of the hosiery items and of your legs to a great extent. It is up to you to decide on these factors to achieve the look you want. You can select between plain models with mesh bands at the top and ones with decorative accents. The models with lace top are particularly attractive and alluring. They can compliment lace lingerie superbly for creating a gorgeous and hypnotising look. The fishnets with bows are among the most playful hosiery items you can find.

The choice of colour is always important especially when it comes to legwear designed to entice desire. Black is considered to be the most elegant and alluring colours of all. Brides may prefer white which will match their bridal lingerie. Colours such as gold, brown and grey are suitable for fishnets but you have to ensure that the knit will be visible on your leg given its Denier and your skin tone. These hosiery items look best when they create a colour contrast with the tone of the skin.

Buy fishnet stockings of high quality at super cheap stockist prices when you shop for hosiery online. Select from various legwear items for women and men and save with discounts and sale bargains. Your purchase will be shipped to any place in Australia including Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin.