Lace Stockings

Achieving elegance and sophistication and a totally stunning look is perfectly possible with lace stockings from our collection. These timeless hosiery items for women come in a variety of designs, styles and colours. Define your individual style and preferences and make a choice among top quality styles from designer brands.

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Buy Lace Stockings Online - Shopping Information

Most lace stockings are thigh highs. They extend to the middle of the thigh and cover approximately three quarters of the leg. These models are feminine and elegant. You can choose between lace stay ups and suspender stockings. The stay ups have an elastic band which holds them to the leg. You will enjoy great comfort without worrying about the hosiery item slipping down. The suspender models have a unique vintage appeal as they are help up by a suspender belt. They are sensual and alluring. They are ideal for special occasions.

The lace stockings are gorgeous above all. They come in different styles depending on the lace detailing. Usually, the top of the stockings is covered with lace. The lace detailing can be fairly narrow or quite wide depending on the model. It adds a touch of exquisiteness and playfulness to the hosiery item. The lace itself can have different patterns. The floral and scroll patterns are among the most popular with both wearers and designers. They are delicate and absolutely beautiful.

The creativity of designers has brought about lace stockings with glamorous side detailing. The lace detailing can be on the side of the ankles. It can make them appear even leaner and give them a touch of genuine sex appeal. The lace detailing can run on the side all the way from the toes to the top. Stockings with such detailing will certainly help you make a fashion statement. They can compliment any stylish outfit and make it even more extravagant and impressive.

Lace detailing can adorn hosiery items with different types of knits and patterns. You can find both mesh stockings and fishnets with lace tops. The side lace detailing can compliment any pattern typical for legwear for women. The exquisite floral lace patterns go well with diamond and seam patterns. Set your imagination free when shopping for lace stockings and find a model which will add glam to your outfit and to your look in general.

The colour of the lace stockings will affect their appeal to a great extent. The white models are the perfect options for new brides. They will certainly help spice up your wedding night. You will be able to compliment your bridal lingerie perfectly. The black lace models are totally sensual and seductive. The lace hosiery items in nude have a universal appeal and will go well with any kind of dress or skirt. It does not matter whether it is formal or more casual and what its colour is. Gold, brown and grey are among the most hip colours at present as well.

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