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The introduction of the nylon stockings in 1939 brought a revolution into the world of women's apparel. Finally, ladies had comfortable, stretchy and lustrous hosiery items which were affordably priced. Now you can choose from a huge variety of nylon legwear product for women. The design, style and colour options are virtually endless.

The benefits of nylon stockings are many and different. This fabric is quite stretch and this makes it possible for the hosiery items made from it to follow the contours of your legs perfectly. When you take the garment off, it retains its original shape. Choosing nylon legwear that fits is super easy and this is certainly great news for those women who are not fond of spending long hours shopping. The natural shimmer of nylon makes the legs appear even longer and more beautiful. They look absolutely perfect.

Nylon has excellent moisture wicking properties and this makes it the ideal fabric for hosiery items. Your feet will always be dry when you wear nylon stockings. It does not matter what kinds of shoes you have on or how active you are during the day. The stockings made from this fabric are comfy and provide good insulation to the feet and legs. They are quite strong and durable and very easy to maintain. The risk of tears, holes and runs is reduced to the very minimum especially when the hosiery items are made using the latest knitting techniques.

The range of nylon stockings designs is quite extensive. The thigh high models are true classics and go well with most types of skirts and dresses. You can pick from two varieties - stay ups, which have an elastic band, and suspender stockings, which are held up with the use of a suspender belt. The formal are more functional while the latter can be the perfect tool for seduction. The nylon knee highs are comfortable and give you perfect freedom of movement. They are ideal for wearing with pants. They may be the perfect option for everyday use.

You can select from nylon stockings in various fashion styles. The vintage thigh highs are among the trendiest models at present. They are elegant and sensual and very classy as well. The seamed models are true classics. They make the legs appear visually longer and draw all the attention towards them. The patterned stockings have always been totally in. You can go for a model with Swiss dots with a vintage appeal or for a funky model with polka dots. The diamond patterns and elegant and have a formal appeal while the horizontal stipes are playful. The floral patterns are exquisite and sophisticated.

The Denier is an essential factor to consider when you shop for nylon stockings. The lower it is the sheerer the hosiery item is and vice versa. The sheer models are lighter and appear gentler. The opaque models are thicker and provide extra warmth. The Denier will affect the way in which the legwear looks on the skin irrespective of the colour which you choose.

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