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There are many different ways in which you can compliment an outfit - with jewellery, shoes and accessories and with patterned stockings. The choice of patterns is so great that you will certainly find the perfect match. Consider the latest fashion trends and your individual style to make the best choice.

You can select from patterned stockings with different designs. The main options include thigh highs and knee highs. Women love patterned thigh highs as they can be successfully paired with all kinds of skirts and dresses to make the legs appear even longer and more beautiful. Patterned knee highs, on the other hand, can give your ankles and feet a more exquisite look when they are worn together with long dresses, skirts and pants.

There are two types of patterned thigh highs to consider. With stay ups, you will feel comfy and enjoy perfect freedom of movement as they stay in place without suspenders. The suspender thigh highs require a suspender belt to hold them up but this is where their charm and sex appeal come from.

The diamond patterned stockings are among the most classy and elegant you will find when you shop for hosiery for women. The patterns can be fashioned in various creative ways. However, they will always have sophistication which makes them ideal for complimenting all kinds of formal outfits.

The floral patterned stockings have a feminine and romantic appeal. Their beauty and opulence make them perfect for cocktail dresses and hip skirts in solid colour. The floral motifs can vary greatly from one model to another in terms of size and complexity. Choose the garment which matches your style best.

The dot patterns are among the trendiest for women's hosiery at present according to fashion experts. The Swiss dot patterned stockings have an elegant appeal with a slight playful touch. They have been inspired by vintage fashion and will certainly make your outfit look more feminine and sophisticated. The polka dot patterns are more cheerful and playful. They go well with more casual garments.

The patterned stockings with animal patterns are stylish and extravagant. The patterns have the same colour as the fabric and look totally chic and glam. You can select from wild cat patterns such as cheetah patterns, zebra patterns and even spider web patterns. You decide how to show your wild side with hosiery.

The pattern may not be the only decorative element of the stockings. Usually, the designer models have other accents which make them more sensual, more playful or more cheerful. The lace tops are a true classic and can make you look totally irresistible. These decorative elements compliment all types of patterns beautifully. The same applies to the fine bows which are often attached to the top or to the back of the ankle part.

Buy high quality patterned stockings from top designer brands at cheap stockist prices. The numerous discount and sale deals give you the opportunity to save big time on legwear for women and men. With online hosiery shopping, you will enjoy low shipping rates to everywhere in Australia including Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin and many more.