Buy Seamed Stockings Online - Shopping Information

Women's hosiery is designed to give you comfort and warmth and to highlight your outfit and attract attention as well. With seamed stockings, you will enjoy all these benefits and more. They are among the most elegant and sensual legwear items ever created. Now you can buy such stockings in a wide range of styles and colours.

The seamed stockings are characterised by a back seam which is clearly visible. It is usually in the same colour as the hosiery but the colour is more vivid because of the greater thickness of the seam. The seam extends all the way from the heel to the top part or band of the legwear item. It is a decorative element whose purpose is to attract the attention towards the legs. It works to make your legs appear longer and thinner and this is one of the reasons why women love this element.

The selection of seamed stockings with different designs, styles and colours is huge. You can choose from modern stay ups and classic suspender models. The stay ups virtually stick to the leg and remain in place thanks to the elastic band at the top. The suspender stockings require a suspender belt to hold them in place. They have a vintage appeal and are a great choice for special occasions when you want to drive your man crazy. The back seam adds tremendously to the erotic appeal of the suspender hosiery in vintage style.

The seam is often not the only decorative element of the seamed stockings. Many items have a lace top. The beautiful delicate lace adds to the sensuality of the model and to its playful appeal. The Cuban heel is another decorative element that these hosiery items often come with. It makes the ankles appear even thinner and draws the attention towards them.

You can choose seamed stockings in any colour. Nude is the most universal colour of all. You can combine hosiery in nude with any kind of outfit irrespective of its design, fashion style and colour. Black, on the other hand, is considered the colour of seduction. It may be the perfect choice for extravagant evening outfits and for special occasions. Gold, brown and grey are also considered to be universal colours as they can match almost any outfit. White is the best option for brides. Red, purple and pink are hot colours to experiment with.

The appeal of seamed stockings is determined by the Denier of the yarn to a great extent. The models with lower Denier are sheerer and lighter. They appear gentler and more exquisite on the legs. The models with higher Denier are more opaque. Their colour is more vivid when they are worn. Decide on the effect which you want to create to select the best model for you based on the Denier.

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