Buy Striped Stockings Online - Shopping Information

You can achieve your preferred look with the right striped stockings. You can be seductive, playful or cheerful. It all depends on the style and design of the hosiery which you pick. Decide what you need and want and start your shopping for the ideal striped legwear.

You can select from various striped stockings designs. The thigh highs available vary considerably in terms of colour and style but they all give you longer and legs which look totally irresistible. You can go for stay ups or for suspender thigh highs. It all depends on the look which you want to achieve. The striped knee highs are more usually worn with pants but you can pair them with a skirt or dress and make a bold fashion statement.

The Denier determines the appeal of striped stockings to a great extent. The hosiery items with lower Denier are sheerer and more elegant. Their exquisiteness and sophistication makes them an ideal match to all sorts of outfits including evening ones and professional ones. The garments with higher denier are thicker and have a girly appeal. They are cheerful and playful. They will do an excellent job in keeping you warm on cold days.

The striped stockings with vertical stripes and the ones with horizontal stripes give you totally different looks. The hosiery items with vertical stripes elongate the legs visually and make them appear leaner as well. They are super elegant and have a unique glamorous touch. The designers of legwear for women have used a lot of creativity to create various patterns with vertical stripes. The stripes can vary in terms of width. They do not have to be straight lines. A stripe can be made from different kinds of decorative motifs such as diamonds, other geometric elements, hearts and even small flowers. The options for buyers are endless.

The striped stockings with horizontal stripes can range from very elegant with a classy appeal to totally joyful with a girly appeal. The elegant models can be paired with evening and office outfits. The girly ones usually go well with casual skirts and dresses. They may match your clubbing outfit as well.

The selection of colour options available with striped stockings is endless. The more sophisticated garments have stripes in the same colour but with a darker tone. This makes them particularly stylish. They can add a natural grace to your look. The one-colour models in black and grey are among the most hip. White, brown and gold are other great colour options.

There are plenty of striped stockings which have their stripes in a colour different from the main one. These are more extravagant and should be paired with garments with great care. Usually, they match pants, skirts and dresses in solid colours quite well. The colourful striped hosiery items usually have white or black as the main colour. The popular stripe colours include red, orange, yellow, blue and purple.

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