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Buy Toeless Stockings Online - Shopping Information

Designers constantly bring innovations into hosiery for women. The toeless stockings are among the most practical inventions ever created. They make it possible to highlight the fine lines of your legs even when you are wearing open toe shoes. This adds to your elegance and further defines your unique fashion style.

The construction of the toeless stockings is simple yet ingenious. The toe cap is removed and there is a thin piece of fabric which goes between the big toe and the long toe. The stocking line goes around the base of the toes. That way, it remains invisible when you put open top shoes on. Your toes are not covered by fabric and there are no thick seams which threaten to ruin your look. The toes shine in all their beauty while the rest of the leg is elegantly covered and given a natural shimmer.

There are different types of toeless stockings to select from when shopping for women's hosiery. The toeless knee highs are great for wearing with pants and long skirts and dresses. They cover the ankles and the calves to give a classy appeal to any outfit which is worn with open top shoes. The toeless stay ups extend all the way to the middle of the thigh. This makes them the perfect choice of legwear for short skirts and dresses. You can put on the most attractive open top shoes and wear stay ups which will remain completely invisible.

The main purpose of the toeless stockings is to highlight the beauty of your legs and to make them appear longer while remaining invisible. These hosiery items for women are among the sheerest you will ever find. They usually have Denier below ten.

The toeless stockings come in nude colours only. There are different variations of the nude colour which you can select from depending on the tone of your skin. Choosing the right colour is a lot similar to selecting the colour of foundation for your makeup. If you get things right, you will achieve the most natural and elegant effect.

The lower Denier does not affect the strength of these stockings. The designer hosiery items are made from a blend of high quality fabrics usually nylon and elastane. Special knitting techniques are used to ensure that the knee highs and stay ups remain durable in the long term. They do not change their shape permanently. The bands do not loosen over time. The risk of tears, holes and runs is virtually eliminated. You can be certain that you will be able to use the legwear for a long time to come.

Use the size chart provided by the manufacturer to make the right choice of toeless stockings for you when you shop for hosiery online. There are items to fit women of all heights and body shapes. You just have to know your height and weight to pinpoint the right size.

Select from a wide range of designer toeless stockings available online at cheap stockist prices. Buy hosiery for women and men and save with fabulous discounts and sale deals. Take advantage of low shipping rates to everywhere in Australia including Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin.