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Footless Tights

With our versatile hosiery collection, you will always be dressed perfectly for the occasion and you will feel super confident and comfy. Our footless tights come in a variety of designs and styles to serve your different fashion needs. You should have at least one legwear item of this type in your drawer.

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Footless Tights Shopping Guide

The classic footless tights extend from the ankle to right below the waist. They can be paired with all kinds of skirts, dresses and pants. They go well with all kinds of shoes as well from open toe ones and sandals to boots. The tights of this type have become particularly trendy in recent years and come in a variety of colours, patterns and prints. You can even find models in animal print for achieving a totally stunning look.

The stirrup footless tights are true classics. They have a band which goes underneath the heel to stay in place. They are widely used for dancing, but they are great for everyday wear as well. They have a graceful and modern appeal. They are stylish and will match virtually any outfit and shoes.

You can choose footless tights which cover the ankle and the heel. These give you superb comfort. You will not have to worry about the back of the heel and the ankle rubbing against the lining of the shoes. At the same time, you will be able to show your perfect toes with open top shoes.

There are shaping footless tights available to women who want to improve the looks of their body and legs. These are made from a combination of nylon and spandex and are designed so that they can exercise greater compression on the body parts without causing discomfort. They make the tummy flatter and make the hips smaller while giving the rear gentle shaping and lifting. Your tights will look a lot slimmer and so will your calves. Since the rights are footless and seamless they will remain perfectly invisible under your pants, long skirt or long dress. There are even shorter hosiery items made to be worn with shorter garments.

Just like all tights the footless ones are more opaque than the traditional pantyhose. However, it is up to you to choose your preferred level of opacity when you go shopping for hosiery. The higher the Denier number is the more opaque an item is and vice versa. The models with a higher Denier number are also thicker and warmer. They are an excellent choice for the cold winter days when you want to put an elegant outfit on.

The footless tights come in a range of beautiful colours and patterns. Black is a true classic and the preferred option for many women. Grey is among the most stylish colour options as well. You should go for tights in nude if you want them to remain invisible. Pink, purple, blue and white are more extravagant colour options which you may want to experiment with. The main pattern options include vertical and horizontal stripes, floral, dots and diamonds.

Buy high quality footless tights at cheap stockist prices when you shop online. Select from a wide range of designer legwear for women and men and save with a discount or sale deal. Your purchase will be shipped at a low rate to any place in Australia including major cities like Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin.