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Make your legs appear longer and slimmer and give your outfit an even more stylish look with lace tights from our collection. Lace Tights for women from our collection are delicate and absolutely beautiful. The choice of styles, patterns and colours is great and you will certainly find the ideal match to your individual fashion style

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Buy Lace Tights Online - Shopping Information

The lace tights are totally exquisite thanks to the fine nature of the knit. The lace fabric itself can be made from different kinds of threads. The threads determine the properties of the hosiery so it makes sense to pay attention to them when you shop for the ideal item.

The lace tights made from nylon threads are elastic and give you great flexibility and comfort. They have moisture wicking properties and keep your feet dry at all times. When elastane fibres are added to the nylon ones the hosiery becomes even stretchier and more flexible. The silk lace models are among the most elegant and beautiful you will ever find. The silk threads are super smooth and super strong at the same time. They have a natural shimmer which makes your legs totally gorgeous and irresistible.

There are two main design options to select from when shopping for lace tights. The footed models extend from the toe to the waist. Check the toe and the heel part and the waist band when choosing between different models. Reinforced toe and heel extend the life of hosiery while a wide and stretchy waist band provides for perfect comfort. The footless models are super trendy at present. They start from the ankle and highlight it beautifully. They can be paired with high heels for a mesmerising effect.

You can pick from a wide variety of lace tights in different patterns. The floral patterns are true classics. The floral motifs are stylised in various ways and come in various sizes to create a whimsical effect. The models with vertical stripes and detailing are super elegant and sophisticated. The lace diamond patterns are very elegant and versatile. They go well with all types of outfits. Designers have been inspired by the natural world to create various animal patterns. You can choose from leopard and zebra patterns and from peacock feather and spider web patterns.

The colours of the lace tights determine their appeal to a great extent. How vivid the colour will look depends on the thickness of the threads which the lace is made up of. The thickness of the fabric is expressed with the Denier number. The higher it is the thicker and more opaque the tights are.

The colour options available are many and different. Black lace tights are revered for their timeless sensuality and sex appeal. The grey models are modern and elegant. Colours like gold, chocolate and burgundy are quite sophisticated. White is delicate, beautiful and romantic. You can experiment with other colours too but they should match the exquisiteness of lace.

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