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Leopard Tights

The grace of a wild cat is easy to achieve with leopard tights. Leopard tights from our collection are totally gorgeous and super elegant, you are sure to look stunning in one of these from our collection.

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Shop Women's Leopard Tights Online - Shopping Information

Leopard tights can compliment any garment and give it an exciting and passionate appeal. These leopard hosiery items for women come in different sizes, designs and colours. Compare different designer products and make the best choice for you.

All leopard tights come in the rosette pattern characteristic for this big cat. There are different colour combinations which you can select from. You can go for the classic colour combination with black rosette circles on a yellow or gold background. The black rosette circles can be on a pale grey or blue background. These designer creations are more modern and artistic and equally hip.

Due to the animal print that they have, the leopard tights are opaque. Thanks to the opacity the pattern remains vivid on the legs. You can select from leopard hosiery items with different Denier. For a thicker, warmer and more opaque legwear, you should check out the items with Denier 50 and over. If you are looking for something lighter but still opaque, you should consider the tights with Denier between 40 and 50.

The classic leopard tights extend from the toes to the waist. There are footless models available as well. They cover the whole leg starting from the ankle. These are quite stylish and match perfectly high heeled shoes. You can wear them with elegant tunics, kaftans, long shirts and dresses. There are stirrup footless tights in leopard pattern designed to provide greater comfort and convenience to the wearer.

You can choose from leopard tights in different sizes. These hosiery items are made from stretch fabrics like nylon or combination of nylon and spandex so it should not be difficult for you to find the right match. Still, it is always a good idea to check the size chart provided by the manufacturer so that you can be certain that the tights will fit.

There are plus size leopard tights designed especially for women with fuller figure. These are made to match your voluptuous shape perfectly. They will follow the contours of your legs and hips without causing any discomfort. You will feel confident and look elegant. You will enjoy perfect freedom of movement.

Consider some practical aspects when you shop for leopard tights. Features such as reinforced toe and heel are quite beneficial as they extend the useful life of the garment. Check what fabric the hosiery item is made from. Nylon is stretchy, comfy and moisture wicking. When spandex is added to it, the fabric retains these properties and gains greater compression for extra comfort and delicate shaping. The designers often add cotton to the fabric blend in order to make hosiery even warmer and more suitable for the cold months. The silk models boast with natural softness, smoothness and shimmer.

Buy leopard tights of high quality at cheap stockist prices when shopping online. Take advantage of the discount and sale deals on designer legwear for women and men. Follow the fashion trends and save. Shipping to all cities in Australia including Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin is readily available.