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Looking for stretchy and comfy hosiery that can make you slimmer without effort? Then Lycra tights from our collection are the best option for you. They can help you look and feel great. The selection of designs and styles is quite large - you will certainly find a style that matches your requirements and the edgiest fashion trends.

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The Lycra tights are made from a blend of Lycra fibres and other fibres. The other fibres are usually nylon or cotton. You can find hosiery made from a blend of all three fabrics. The Lycra and nylon tights can have different Denier and vary in terms of thickness, lightness and opacity. The ones which have cotton fibres are thicker and less smooth than their counterparts. They are warmer as well and this makes them great for the winter months.

Lycra is a fabulous fabric which is attributed almost miraculous properties. It is popularly known with other names as well. These include elastane and spandex among others. This fabric is extremely stretchy and quite strong at the same time. These properties provide for its functional use in the making of hosiery.

The Lycra tights are quite stretchy and provide good compression. This makes them particularly comfortable. They have shaping properties as well. They make your hips, thighs and calves slimmer naturally. Some models work to shape your rear as well and to lift it up gently. They can give you a super flat tummy and a smaller waistline without any effort on your part. When your legs and the lower part of the torso are finely shaped in a natural and comfortable way, you can wear any outfit with confidence and look and feel great.

Women with fuller figure can choose from a wide range of plus size Lycra tights. These can cover your voluptuous legs and hips beautifully and give you perfect comfort. They are super stretchy and go easily back to their original shape so they will never become loose or deformed. You will enjoy great flexibility when wearing such Lycra hosiery items.

The Lycra tights come in different designs. The footed models give your legs an extra touch of grace and smoothness from the toes. Your feet will be warm and dry at all times thanks to the moisture wicking fabric blend. Consider footed tights with reinforced toe and preferably with reinforced heel especially if you wear hosiery and high heels every day. The footless models are the ideal option when you wear elegant open toe shoes barefoot. They will make your legs appear longer and slimmer and your painted toe nails will shine in all their beauty.

You can choose from Lycra tights in different patterns and colours. The classic mesh models do not have any patterns and this makes them quite versatile - they go well with any outfit. The selection of patterned tights made from Lycra fabric blend is huge. The most stylish pattern options include diamonds, vertical stripes, Swiss dots and floral and animal patterns. You can choose any colour with black, grey, gold, brown, purple, white and burgundy being some of the trendiest options.

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