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Opaque Tights


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15 Style(s) Sort by

Buy Opaque Tights Online - Shopping Information

You will feel super comfy, elegant and warm in opaque tights. These give the legs an even finer look and protect you from the cold. There is nothing more you can want on a winter day. Now you can choose from a wide variety of opaque hosiery items for women from top designer brands such as Kayser, Platinum, Voodoo, Leona Edmiston and many more.

The Denier number is the first thing to look into when shopping for opaque tights. This measure shows you how thick and heavy the yarn is. It also gives you an idea of the level of opacity of the hosiery item. In general, all articles with Denier number higher than 40 are considered opaque. In this range, you can go for lighter models which are a bit sheerer than their counterparts and have Denier of 50 or lower. You can also choose very thick and warm models with denier of 70 and higher. They will keep you warm even if you wear a very short skirt on a very cold day.

You can pick from opaque tights with different designs. The classic models extend from the toes to the waist. There are also footless tights with a high level of opacity. These models cover the leg from the ankle and go extremely well with open toe high heels. They make your legs appear even longer and slimmer. The stirrup toeless models have a piece of fabric which goes under the heel to keep them in place. These are particularly comfy to wear. They are quite practical for dancing and other fun activities.

The control and slimming opaque tights are popular with women of all ages. These are made from a combination of nylon and spandex (elastane, Lycra) so that they create a higher level of compression while being quite elastic and very comfy. The results are amazing. Your tummy is made super flat and your waistline is reduced a bit so you can wear even the most elegant dress. Your butt is made smaller and pushed up gently but noticeably. Your hips, thighs and calves will also appear slimmer.

The opaque tights come in a wide variety of styles. The classic mesh models with no decorative pattern are functional and have a universal appeal. They are great for every day and for complimenting evening outfits. The selection of patterned models is huge. The most stylish patterns include Swiss dots which have a vintage appeal, floral patterns which are exquisite and sophisticated, vertical and horizontal stripes, diamonds and sweater patterns. You can even go for a model with a colour plaid pattern. The most popular decorative accents are the bows which are usually positioned at the back of the ankle.

The colours of opaque tights are quite vivid and this is the reason why designers experiment with all sorts of shades. Black, grey and brown are all classic colour choices. Nude is neutral and a good option for opaque hosiery which you will wear with pants. You can readily experiment with stylish colours such as purple, blue, red, pink, orange and white.

Buy opaque tights from designer brands at cheap stockist prices when you shop online. Online shopping gives you great discount and sale deals on legwear for women and men. Save on shipping to everywhere in Australia including Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin.