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Patterned Tights


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Buy Patterned Tights Online - Shopping Information

Give your outfits in solid colours an elegant and stylish touch with patterned tights. These hosiery items for women are beautiful, delicate and feminine. You can choose from a huge range of patterns in different colours and with different appeals. You simply need to decide how exactly you want to achieve a totally stunning look.

The patterned tights typically have higher Denier than their pantyhose counterparts but they are equally fine-looking, exquisite and sophisticated. They are more opaque and this allows them to create an even more impressive effect as the contract between the pattern and the skin is greater. The higher level of opacity gives you the opportunity to consider a wider range of colours which will be vivid on your legs.

The diamond patterned tights are among the most stylish. They are a great option because of their universal nature. They can compliment ideally a little black dress for the evening and an elegant office outfit as well. The size of the diamond pattern defines the appeal of the hosiery items. They can be more sophisticated or more playful. The choice is totally yours.

The Swiss dot patterned tights are among the true classics in the hosiery range. The tiny dot pattern is in a romantic and dreamy vintage style. It has a chic teasing touch which makes these tights ideal for complimenting evening outfits and for special occasions. The classic Swiss dot pattern is in black on a black background, but you can choose to experiment with other colours if you wish.

The dolly dot and polka dot patterned tights are more extravagant than their Swiss dot patterned counterparts. They are quite stylish and have a subtle playful appeal. You can wear them with various types of garments, but short and mid-length skirts and dresses in solid colours will be complimented in the best possible way.

The floral patterned tights are among the most exquisite and beautiful hosiery items ever created. The floral motifs can range from roses and daisies to sunflowers. The motifs can be very small or quite large. They can be stylised in different ways. Some patterns are more geometric while others have every flower knitted in the most exquisite way possible. The selection of models is virtually endless.

The designers of hosiery have been greatly inspired by traditional sweater patterns for their latest collections. You can find gorgeous tights in pointelle sweater, Argyle sweater and Nordic sweater patterns. These models usually have higher Denier number and a higher level of opacity. They are warm and comfy and these properties make them ideal for the cold winter months.

The tights with plaid pattern are the latest fashion craze. The plaid pattern has its original design and colours. You can select from various elegant models in dark and light colour combinations. Such tights can go quite well with office outfits and more casual evening outfits.

Buy patterned tights at cheap stockist prices when you shop for hosiery online. Numerous discount and sale deals on legwear for women and men are waiting to be discovered. Save on your purchase and on shipping as well with the ultra low rates to all cities in Australia including Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin.