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Plus Size Tights


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Buy Plus Size Tights Online - Shopping Information

Get the most stylish look and feel super confident with plus size tights designed especially for women with fuller figure. You do not have to worry about overstretching, about the risk of tears, holes and runs and about the discomfort associated with too tight hosiery. Choose from a wide selection of tights with various designs, styles, colours and prints. Buy legwear that will compliment your figure and give a new hip look to any outfit.

The plus size tights differ from their counterparts not only in terms of size. The hosiery items from top designer brands are made with the voluptuous female figure in mind. They are designed to follow the contours of your body precisely. The brief is made to fit perfectly usually with a wide elastic band. The leg parts are designed to fit perfectly without squeezing you tightly and causing you discomfort.

Most plus size tights are made from a fabric blend of nylon and elastane with the percentage of elastane being higher than in hosiery in smaller sizes. The models for women with fuller figure are stretchier. They are more flexible and more elastic. They usually provide slightly higher compression as well. They make your tummy flatter and make your hips, tights and calves appear leaner. This is extremely valuable when you want to wear a super sexy cocktail dress or a playful mini skirt.

You will find plus size tights in different sizes when shopping for full figure hosiery. Check the size chart available from the designer of each product to determine the best size for you. Usually, the sizes are based on height and weight or on height and waistline size. Either way, it is fairly easy to find the perfect match provided that you know your measures.

Choose the design that best matches your needs, requirements and fashion ideas. You can select from footed and footless plus size tights. The footer models have a more formal appeal. They are great for elegant skirts, dresses and pants. The footless models are more casual yet super chic. They look fabulous when complimented with high heels and an eye-catching top. Your legs will appear longer and your whole figure will appeal slimmer.

You can select from plus size tights in different styles. The modern mesh models are elegant and boast with great versatility. The lace models are feminine and romantic. The seamed and Swiss dot tights are in the super hip vintage style. They are super elegant and have a notable hint of sex appeal. You can select from a variety of other trendy patterns such as vertical stripes which make your legs appear longer, animal patterns which show your wild and passionate nature, and diamond patterns which are classy and have formal appeal.

Go for plus size tights in colours that best match your individual fashion style. Black is a true classic while nude has a universal appeal. Grey, brown and gold are super trendy right now. You can try the super hip blue, purple, red and pink as well.

Buy plus size tights of excellent quality at cheap stockist prices when you shop for hosiery online. Save on designer legwear for women and men with discount and sale deals. Save on shipping to Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, and Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin and many more cities in Australia with super low rates.